Week 41 & 42- VACATION, Pt. 2- Austin & San Antonio

How do I love Austin? Let me count the ways:

I love that the guys are disproportionately more attractive than the ladies.

I love that it feels like a giant Silver Lake.

I love the way the city co-opts or reuses old sites, like camp grounds, into places that foster community and interaction.

I love Barton Springs Pool. From the Austin Parks and Recreation website: “Three acres in size, the pool is fed from underground springs and is, on average, 68 degrees year-round. Over the years, Barton Springs Pol has drawn people from all walks of life, from legislators who have concocted state laws there to free-spirited, topless sunbathers who turned heads in the 1970s.”

I love Justine’s Brasserie, from the way it is far away from the rest of the popular digs in Austin to their outdoor dining area in the front of their main building, which looks like a former house, to the delicious dishes I ate there, like the Salade D’endive Poire Rocquefort and Cote Du Porc.

I love the ambience, drinks, and pecan pie from East Side Show Room.

It’s probably obvious by now that Austin has wormed its way up my list of American cities that I can imagine myself living in. Austin truly is the liberal hub of Texas. A famous motto of theirs is this: “Keep Austin Weird.” The weekend we went, the acclaimed music festival Austin City Limits was going on. I plan on going next year. Who’s with me?

One of my favorite excursions during our vacation was totally impromptu. Erik and I were supposed to check out the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Preserve on the way to San Antonio… but it was closed. We did find a small arboretum closeby, though… and for about an hour, it was just me and him and the quiet of nature.

After dropping off our stuff at the hotel in San Antonio, our first stop was the Pearl Brewery, which before used to brew PBR, but is now a mixed use residential/retail space in the city. If this site was in Los Angeles, it would be packed; but in this city, it was almost desolate.

Lunch here was a place called Josephine Street Cafe, where I had a sirloin con queso. It was GOOD!

I truly love this man.

This is around the time I dropped Erik’s camera for the first time. He was livid!

Ghost-town Grove.

Heat exchangers transformed into flower beds.

Strike a pose.

I love the colors of this bike.

Find Erik.

By the way, translated, the words on this mural say “No need to die to get to Glory.” And it’s so true.

The rest of the day was spent strolling around San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk.

I can’t tolerate any papparazzi pictures right now.

Dipping his legs in the (non) water.

This is around the time we started missing Tillamook in Los Angeles.

Theatre at La Villita.

We spend a few hours of the night at The Esquire close to our hotel.

I got the drink “I Love Tiny Dancers” and Erik got “Yellow Fever”.

This bar’s claim-to-fame is that it boasts the longest wooden bar top in Texas. Over 100 feet! And the drinks are really good too!

Gooooood night.

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